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Mobily Internet Packages 2020 – Prepaid & Postpaid

Mobily internet Packages complete details will be discussed here. Mobily is a Telecom Company that is established in 2004. The Mobily is also called as an Etihad Etisalat. The Etihad Etisalat Means Mobily company working in Saudi Arabia and provide Telephony and internet service in Saudi Arabia. Firstly Mobily company provide their services for users in 2005.

Mobily introduced their 3G internet service in 2006 in Saudi Arabia. The 4G internet service of this network was introduced in 2011. This is the Top and Most Popular Telecommunication Company in Saudi Arabia.

Today in this article we will discuss the Mobily internet packages like the Mobily prepaid internet packages and postpaid internet packages. The Mobily internet packages Code and Offers complete details also will be discussed here. The Price and Subscription method about these Packages also be available here.

Mobily Internet Packages

Mobily Internet Packages

Mobily internet Packages are very fast and best for the customer. Mobily Prepaid internet Packages and postpaid internet packages price and codes here. All customers who are in Saudi Arabia and using Mobily Sim then they can easily use Mobily Internet Packages 3G And 4G. This is the best and Fast internet and call service providing company in Saudi Arabia According to my Experience.

Mobily has Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet Packages. The prepaid and postpaid Customer of this Telecommunication company easily Subscribe and get offers of 3G and 4G Packages. The 4G connection only works on 4G supported devices. The Price of 3G and 4G Packages has different in different packages. Some of the Mobily 3G and 4G internet package has the same price and same code.

Mobily provides different offers for their customer. Sometime Mobily internet offers to provide free internet. All offers have a different code. Some offers are free and some paid. The peoples like free or lowest Price Mobily internet offers. In this article, the complete details about offers and prices will be Discuss.

The Mobily Telecommunication Company Provide some low price internet packages for their customer. In this article, you can easily learn everything about this.

Mobily has different daily internet packages Volume and price. The data bundles price and subscribe method is here. You can easily Subscribe to these daily internet packages or bundles on an android phone with subscribing codes. Before activating any package you must need to confirm the complete details of the package like the Subscribe code, Unsubscribe code and price.

Mobily Prepaid Internet Packages

Mobily Prepaid internet Packages are only for prepaid customers. Postpaid users cannot get these services. If you are prepaid users and want to activate internet data bundle and offer on Your Mobile then you can easily Subscribe to these Packages and enjoy the 3G and 4G internet Packages. All These Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Mobily internet Packages are available on both 3G and 4G sims. All packages work on both 3G & 4G. 

Before Activation of these Packages Must know everything about these packages like how to activate Mobily internet packages and how to deactivate. So Follow the instruction by click on the Details button.

Mobily Postpaid Internet Packages

The Mobily postpaid packages are for Mobily postpaid users. If you want to like and use postpaid internet packages on your sim, then these packages are very best for you. The Complete Details About the Mobily offers, internet Packages price and code are here. This table gives you all information about the Mobily Postpaid

Mobily Prepaid Packages Details

3 GB Mobily Postpaid 50

3 GB Mobily Postpaid 50 Package also gives you 300 on-net minutes and 0 off-net minutes and 50 SMS. This is a light Package of Postpaid users. The Postpaid user enjoy this light Package

How To Activate?: Write 5671 in Message and Send This message to 1100.

How To Deactivate?: Automatically

Validity: 1 Month

10 GB Mobily postpaid 100

10 GB Mobily Postpaid 100 Package also provide you 1000 On-Net Minutes And 100 SMS For their customer. This Package is a Second light Package that gives you 10 GB internet data in Only 100 Rupees Included Tex

Price & Validity: 100 SAR Including Tex and Validity is 1 Month

How To Activate?: For Deactivation of this Package Write 7612 in SMS And Send To 1100

How To Deactivate?: This package Automatically

50 GB Mobily Postpaid 200

50 GB Monthly Postpaid 200 Package offers you 2500 On-Net Minutes and 200 SMS For their Customer. Now you can easily get Internet data offers and On-Net Minutes by Subscribing this bundle

Price &Validity: Price is 200 include tex and validity is 1 Month

How To Activate?: Write 7622 in SMS and Send To 1100

How To Deactivate?: Automatically

100 GB Mobily Postpaid 300

100 GB Mobily Postpaid 300 Package not only gives you internet data but also provide you a 6000 On-Net Minutes and 300 SMS. You can enjoy all this offers by Subscribing this data bundle.

Price & Validity: Price is SAR. 300 and 1 Month Validity

How To Activate?: Write 7632 in SMS And Send to 1100

How To Deactivate?: Automatically

GB Mobliy Postpaid 600

GB Mobily Postpaid 600 Package also provides you unlimited On-Net Minutes and 600 SMS. Enjoy all these offers by Subscribing this 600 Package. Before activating this follow all details carefully.

Price & Validity: Price is Sar. 600 and Validity is 1 Month

How To Activate?: Write 7662 in SMS And Send To 1100

How To Deactivate?: Automatically