Ryan McGuinness

LA | 2010


Country Club is pleased to announce two new projects by Ryan McGinness, thanks to the financial support of Fintech Ltd. Both projects are part of his month-long, multi-venue incursion in Los Angeles.


Works on Paper
Country Club | LA
7561 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
May 20 – July 2, 2011
Opening Reception Friday, May 20th 7 – 9 pm


Women: The Blacklight Paintings
The Standard, Hollywood
May 28-June 11, 2011

RYAN MCGINNESS Works on Paper will be the inaugural show in Country Club LA’s new space on Sunset Blvd. Works on Paper will feature over 50 works hung salon style throughout the gallery. The works encompass a vast range of styles; stripped down iconic drawings in cyanotype, woodblock monoprints, lithographs, and even an early silkscreen monoprint from 1999. This is the most comprehensive exhibition of McGinness’ works on paper to date.

Ryan McGinness is well-known for his focused aesthetic of refined shapes and symbols. His process is one of constant re-examination. Each image is drawn and redrawn many times to distill it to its essence. Various influences and inspirations are present; cyanotypes from his commission at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts explore Hindu and eastern influences, camouflage color patterns of army men and silkscreened links of chain reveal McGinness’ processes and the underlying concepts in the work. This comprehensive show is curated with the idea of revealing McGinness influences, inspirations, and methodologies.

Country Club also presents McGinness’ event-based exhibition Women: The Blacklight Paintings at the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood on May 28th. The artist’s blacklight paintings of women will be featured surrounded by body-painted dancers, igniting a dynamic interaction between canvas and flesh. The project, co-produced by The Standard and Country Club, was unveiled in December at Miami’s infamous Club Madonna during Art Basel Miami Beach, then traveled to Le Bain at The Standard, New York in March during the Armory Show and will make its third and final stop in Los Angeles. The new Women paintings, and all subsequent work from this series, are based on figure drawings of over 65 models completed during sittings with the artist over the past year. McGinness writes; “These drawings are my version of what is sexy. Yes, the women are sexy, but moreover, the drawings are sexier—beautiful, stark, and perfectly composed according to my eye. I am more attracted to these drawings than I am to the women who make them possible.” The event will also mark the launch of the artist’s Blacklight Nudie Cards.

The Blacklight Nudie Cards, the first of their kind, are a full deck of poker-sized playing cards designed by McGinness and based on vintage nudie cards. McGinness’ cards, when enjoyed under black lights, emit only a frequency in the invisible range of 350-370 nm. The fluorescent inks used in the printing of these cards absorb this ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously. McGinness says, “My use of fluorescent paint under the blacklight color spectrum is a strategy to force a singular time/space experience with the work. That is to say, the work must be experienced in person, and cannot be fully appreciated through reproductions via jpegs or printed catalogue pages.”

For more information on Country Club’s LA projects please visit http://countryclubprojects.com. For a complete list of all Ryan McGinness events during the month of May in Los Angeles visit http://www.ryanmcginness.com/losangeles.pdf
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